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Interesting Articles #2

City Council Terminates Police Force – Town Doesn’t Decend Into Chaos

I was shocked when I saw this headline on TheFreeThoughtProject.com — not that the town didn’t decend into chaos, but that the city council got rid of the police! Very interesting read. Every town should do this.

The Looming Financial Crisis That Nobody Is Talking About, but Should Be

This article reveals the major indicators of the coming collapse of the current financial system. As a side note, I would like to say that this may be done on purpose, to lead to the creation of a one world currency and a one world central bank. However, if we can change people’s minds, and get the messege out that central banks are the cause of these horrifying depressions, then when the next collapse comes, instead of being replaced with an even greater central bank, this destructive system could be brought to an end.

Yes, Hillary Clinton Served on the Board of a Company That Funds ISIS

Hillary Clinton is really and truly evil. I could not even make up all the terrible things that she has done. I believe that regardless of the votes, she is going to win the election because she is a pawn in the hands of the deep state, the deep state that determines who will be the next president regardless of votes.

Viral Video of Cops Dragged by Car Exposes the Senseless Violence Created by the Drug War

The title says it all!

Julian Assange: Hacked E-Mails Include Info on Hillary Arming Jihadists, Including ISIS

Great article, WikiLeaks and Julian Assange is doing a great service for humanity.

Was WikiLeaks Whistleblower the Murdered DNC Staffer? and Mainstream Media Blackout: Two Prominent Anti-Clinton Activists Found Dead in Two Days, also A  Hot Month for Clinton’s Body Count

The question is: did Hillary order their assassination? I think we all know the answer.

Bitcoin and Mises’s Regression Theorem

I have a lot of respect for Jeffery Tucker, and his work on Bitcoin in particular has been very influencial on me.

Man Proves Software Stole Votes in All ‘Hillary Won’ Counties

Presidents are selected, not elected. The Deep State will always prevail in politics.

Soros Hack Exposes Plot Behind Refugee Crisis, His Media Control, Cash for “Social Justice”

Isn’t it odd that CNN (The Clinton News Network) didn’t report on this?

We Don’t Know If the Department of Defense Is Actually Providing Security

Actually, we do know that the DoD is making the American people less safe while murdering milllions.

Louisiana Officials Demand That Self-Reliant Locals Stop Surviving the Flood Without Permission

The story in a nutshell: voluntary help group saving people’s lives and making the government look bad (not hard to do) because the government doesn’t help anyone, so the government bans people from helping without their permission.

Potential Litigation? YouTube Is Not Private and Its Censorship Is Government Policy

Google is a creation of the US government designed to collect information and to censor it.

A Former CIA Director Just Endorsed Hillary: What You’re Not Being Told

Just another part of Hillary Clinton’s corruption.

Body Cam: Cops Pull Gun on Teen for Filming, Mock Him for Being Skinny, Challenge Him To Fight and Cop Gets Into Fight With His Own Son, Shoots Him TWICE — Dept Says it Was ‘Accidental’

Government police are terrible.

O, Come, All Ye Statists

An amusing article about how the USG celebrates the death of thousands which they used to grab power.

That’s all for today, folks!