Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself: Ethan from is on Steemit

This is my introduceyouself post on Steemit. Posted here for the purpose of verifying my libertyadvocate Steemit account. If you enjoy my content, please follow and upvote my posts.

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Hello there, Steemit community! My name is Ethan, I’m seventeen years old (as of the time of writing), and I’m commited to the creation of a voluntary society. I discovered Steemit through Jeff Berwick in his Dollar Vigilante and Anarchast podcasts/websites. I have learned a lot more about it since then, and think that Steemit is a great idea with tons of potential, although whether or not it will be successful is unclear (at least to me). I’ve spent most of my life in Alaska, but have recently moved to Missouri. I believe that technology (including Steemit) will be key to the creation of anarchy by rendering the state unneccessary, but ideology will determine how and to what extent technology will be used and developed to replace the state.

For as far back as I can remember I’ve been libertarian-ish, but it was at about the age of 14 that I read Murray Rothbard’s book, For a New Liberty: The Libertarian Manifesto. From that point on, I was convinced that anarchism was the only moral system, but I wanted to know more about the particulars on the functioning of such a society, so I read, and am continuing to read, many books, essays, and articles on the subject. My favorite authors are Murry Rothbard, Walter Block, Hans Hermann-Hoppe, and many others.

Today, I have started a website,, and am writing to change people’s hearts and minds in favor of liberty, which is what I believe will create a free society.

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