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I Got Interviewed on the Peace Propaganda Podcast!

This post is a little overdue, but better late than never. A little while ago I was interviewed on the Peace Propaganda Podcast, and I’m pretty satisfied with how it turned out. I was contacted by Adam Allpow, who is the director of the Voluntary Institute, on the day I was mentioned on the Tom Woods Show, and then did the interview. Unfortunately, there were some issues with the audio file, which got corrupted. Then, after a while of scheduling and rescheduling, I finally did a second interview, which I believe turned out better than the first. Of course, I haven’t had any experience being on podcasts or being interviewed, and I know that I have a lot to work on in those areas. Anyway, this is a great podcast with lots of great guests like Jeffrey Tucker and Adam Kokesh, and it covers a wide variety of fascinating topics. It was an honor to be on the show, and I hope that my readers will listen regularly and enjoy.

~The Liberty Advocate


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Interesting Articles #3

How Private Arbitration Could Nullify the State

This is an article providing a unique method of nullifying the state: have parties agree to binding arbitration in the case of a dispute. The arbitration agency would only enforce what was voluntarily agreed to by both of the parties and punish aggression instead persecuting people for victimless “crimes”. The government (at least in the U.S., where binding arbitration is legal) can’t do anything to stop it because they are unable to get either party into its court system.

Instead of Solving Rapes and Murders, Cops Spent Months Undercover in Burger King for $75 Pot Bust

This just goes to show both the senselessness of the Drug War and the fact that cops are the worst aggressors, not lousy protectors.

The Internet Was Just Taken Over by a Global Monopoly, And No One Even Noticed

This is scary. This also demands that we look to something more secure, more decentralized, and more anonymous than the internet the average guy uses now. Some great tools to achieve this are VPNs, Tor, and the largely unknown but excellent I2P.

Cop Handcuffs then Tasers Mentally Disabled High School Student for Being Tardy

Police State to children: “Get your daily dose of propaganda or else!”

‘F**k this Guy, I’m Going to Hit Him’ — Cop Records Himself Trying to Kill Mentally Ill Man With Patrol Car

The police are becoming soldiers trained to execute “disorderlies”. The worst kind of filth is found when someone’s job is to force his will or the will of others onto an innocent person with violence.

Breaking: Hillary Clinton Considered Using Drone Strike to Kill WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange

Hillary Clinton has a history of murdering people who inconvenience her, and even such high-profile persons like Julian Assange aren’t exempt from her reign of terror.

BREAKING: Pentagon Caught Paying PR Firm $540 Million to Make Fake Terrorist Videos

The first casualty of war is truth, and the USG is no exception. Produce propaganda, create mass hysteria, seize power (and money), wash, rinse, repeat.

BREAKING Wikileaks Bombshell Appears to be Coming

Can’t wait!

Is this man Bill Clinton’s love child? Prostitute’s son says ex-President is his father and claims Hillary ‘banished’ him

The Clinton Clan is morally disordered and absolutely disgusting.

Al-Qaeda Commander: US Forces Are Arming Us In Syria

This is something that needs to be known. The information is out there, but the mainstream media won’t let you uncover it.

Oops They Did it Again: US ‘Misdirected’ Drone Strike on Somalia Kills 22 Civilians, Soldiers

An accident due to incompetence or on purpose to create more angry terrorist organizations.

Libertarianism and War

A great article that I would recommend everyone read.

Spaniards, Exhausted by Politics, Warm to Life Without a Government

Got this from Lew Rockwell’s political blog, and thought it was interesting. Spain is not quite without a government, it just doesn’t have a growing government.

Wards of the Nanny State: Protecting America’s Children from Police State Goons, Bureaucratic Idiots and Mercenary Creeps

Children are brainwashed and subjected to all kinds of pointless government control for the very purpose of making them docile adults.

Hillary’s Glass-Hurling, Cursing Fit of Rage, and Dangling Noose Allusion

Hillary is a psycopath who, if it weren’t for politics, would be in a straightjacket sitting in an institution for the criminally insane.

Delhi Cuts Copyright: Why Are Government Courts Involved at All?

Finally great news of government courts curtailing government’s own privilages!

On This Speed Limit Business

From the article: ”

What are speed limits, exactly?

I know … a number on a sign.”

That’s all for today, folks!